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Stone Grind

Sharpen Edges

IR Wax

24 Hour Turn Around on Most Ski and Snowboard Repairs  

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Skis and Snowboards NEED Service

The best way to learn why skis and snowboards need to be tuned is the absolute worst way to learn.  If you've ever gone to the mountain with your gear desperately needing wax, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Wax:  Wax helps preserve your base and keeps it from drying out.  A fresh wax will improve your glide over the snow and you'll have less work getting around the mountain.

Base Grind: Not always necessary, but an uneven base will slow you down and can allow for snow build up making turns difficult.

Edge Sharpening: We have a lot of hard packed snow in this region and a sharp edge will make it easier to carve and when done right, you'll catch fewer edges.

Base Repair: Damage from rocks can be as simple as a gouge in the base or as extreme as a hole all the way to the core of your ski.  These should be repaired immediately to prevent bigger problems.

If you ski 2 - 3 times a week: Service your skis or snowboard every 2 - 3 weeks.  A fresh wax and edge sharpen along with an inspection will ensure a season of fun with no surprises.

If you ski on Weekends:   A wax once a month will be needed especially if the temperatures fluctuate.  A tune up every 2 months will suffice.

If you ski once a Month: Start the season with a fresh tune up.  Depending on how long your season is, get your skis waxed based on temperature changes.  If you notice your edges are slipping in a turn or damaged,  bring your gear in for an assessment before a big trip.

Ski and snowboard tuning is only available at our 2019 Minnesota Ave location in Sioux Falls.  Feel free to drop off any and all gear at our other two shops to have it transferred to our ski shop.  Don't forget your boots!

Standard Ski and Snowboard Tune


Base Grind

Sharpen Edges



Ski and Snowboard Services


Base Grind: $35

IR Wax:  $25

IR Performance Wax:  $40

Binding Install:  $60

Boot Fitting



Custom Fitting:  $100+

Custom Insole:  $200

Boot fitting/gridding/punches