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Santa Cruz Factory Sale

Screamin’ deals on select models. Limited time only.

Some exclusions may apply. Subject to availability.

We're over winter! Spring is here. Kick off the 2024 bike season with a new Santa Cruz mountain bike. Spoke-N-Sport is proud to offer Santa Cruz bikes as our premium mountain bike brand. Take a look at the sale prices below.

Spoke-N-Sport - Santa Cruz Recommendations

Midwest mountain biking. Close to everywhere! Homebuilt trails. Here's our favorite Santa Cruz bikes. We think they're the best all rounder premium mountain bikes for most Midwest trail riding.


XC speed distilled to the perfect bike to win a race, get that KOM/QOM, or just ride fast cross country trails.

We really love the Santa Cruz Blur for Tuthill singletrack in Sioux Falls.


Want XC speed in an all rounder trail bike. Then the Tallboy is your bike! Ride fast technical trails with the one stable trail bike.

Leaders park in Sioux Falls is perfect for the Santa Cruz Tallboy. 


Level up your riding with more suspension travel. The Hightower does just that it, it takes your skill and adds a light riding 150/145mm Santa Cruz suspension.

Weeknight rides at Leaders, weekend trips to Bentonville, Cuyuna, or Sprit Mountain.

Order Online and Save on Shipping

Say you want to order your Santa Cruz online and have it delivered. We can help you with that. Use this coupon code to get $150 off the shipping price.


Pick your Santa Cruz! Pick your build package! Pick your favorite trail and ride off into 2024!

Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon C S
$5,099.00 $5,979.99 15% Savings
Santa Cruz Bronson CC X0 AXS
$6,899.00 $8,079.99 15% Savings
Santa Cruz Blur Carbon C S
$5,099.00 $5,679.99 10% Savings
Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon C S
$4,899.00 $5,579.99 12% Savings
Santa Cruz Hightower CC X0 AXS
$6,999.00 $8,079.99 13% Savings
Santa Cruz Megatower C GX AXS
$5,899.00 $7,079.99 17% Savings
Santa Cruz Hightower Carbon C S
$5,099.00 $5,979.99 15% Savings
Santa Cruz 5010 C GX AXS
$5,899.00 $6,979.99 15% Savings
Santa Cruz Megatower Carbon C S
$4,999.00 $5,979.99 16% Savings
Santa Cruz 5010 C S
$4,999.00 $5,879.99 15% Savings
Juliana Roubion Carbon C S
$5,099.99 $5,979.99 15% Savings

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