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Backcountry Snowshoes

Make Bigfoot tracks! SnowPaws are shaped like a bear paw and leave tracks in the snow. Complete with easy-on, easy-off binding. Great tracks mean lots to do and games to play and they finally get to go snowshoeing without a kicking, drooling load on your back. If you are shopping for kids’ snowshoes then this is a perfect fit. Not only does this mean the little rascal can walk on his own, but with these snowshoes your kids just may be able to keep up with you. Less work, more fun!
FlashTrax Amp up the romping in the snow by making “monster paw” prints and lighting up with every step. Each step sets off an array of brightly colored LED lights in the FlashTrax toes, making snowshoeing something kids will never tire of. The bindings are flexible and secure which feature lateral support, adjustable mid-section and heel straps. The bindings stay snug and are ergonomically placed to fit a child’s stride. Brightly colored molded plastic decks in dark blue decking with green bindings and light blue decking with pink bindings. with Motion Active lights you will not only be leaving your trail of “monster paws” but you will also be lighting up every step. Category Youth Snowshoes Binding Youth Binding that are flexible and secure Deck Molded Polypropylene plastic Hinge None Crampon None Frame Molded Polypropylene
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