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This high quality skateboard wax by Shortys will keep your favorite curb or rail slick for grinding without chipping your skateboard. Features: Keeps curbs and rails slick for grinding Reduces friction that can cause damage to your board Apply directly onto curb or rail until surface is thoroughly covered How to wax your curb or rail: Find your sweet spot on the curb or rail. Rub the Shortys Skateboards Curb Candy into the edge of the curb or grinding rail as hard as possible, until you see it start to cake onto the edge. Give it a good covering over the corners, top, and side, covering the entire surface. Grind the surface with your skateboard repeatedly until the wax blends with the surface, making it slick and easy to grind. Remember: property owners and law enforcement often regard waxing curbs as vandalism. So watch what you wax! Also, remember to be careful since your speed will surely increase!v
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Don't stress about your skateboard hardware. Shorty's makes it easy to put your board together with durable hardware that will withstand some of the toughest abuse. Shorty's hardware supplies all of the sizes you need and offers the right fit for every skateboard. 8 allen (hex) head bolts 8 self-locking nuts allen wrench is included GUARANTEED AGAINST BREAKAGE FOR LIFE
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Dooks risers have a few key features; Double hole pattern for old and new school boards and trucks. Kingpin hole for stubborn kingpins that won't go back in flush. The logo and riser size is molded into the top and side for life. Available in 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2".
$3.00 $5.99 50% Off
Shock Pad's were invented by Shorty's in 1992. 1/8" thick foam, not rubber, shock pads that kill the vibration between your board and truck. Keeps hardware tight! You will receive 2 shock pads, 1 for each truck.
Shorty's are half threaded for strength against bending and breakage. Manufactured to precise lengths for all applications, leaving no excess bolt sticking out past the nut. Smaller counter-sinking head is lighter and puts a much smaller dent in your deck when installed, which helps prevent breakage. Each pack contains 8 Phillips head bolts, 8 low profile nuts and a free sticker.
$6.50 - $12.99 $12.99 Up to 50% Off
Sheet Size: 9" x 33" Formulated with long-lasting glue to provide the best grip Perfect, fine-grit texture and smooth cutting Be sure to measure your board to make sure this piece will fit your ride!
$6.50 - $12.99 $12.99 Up to 50% Off
Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheets Available in multiple colors Made with a manufacturing process which makes the grit more aggressive for more traction Grippier than any other griptape Easy application, trims without tearing, extreme durability Made in the U.S.A.
We know that occasionally a skate bearing will fail. In the past, if you had a defective bearing you would either have to buy from a store's bulk box or buy a new set. Bones Bearings presents a new option with one of the most trusted bearings in the world, Bones REDS. Bones REDS SWRB (Single wheel replacement bearings). 2 Bones REDS bearings per pack
Bones® Speed Cream® is a high temperature, low viscosity synthetic skate lubricant specially formulated by Bones® to reduce friction, and provide a durable micro film of lubricant to protect against corrosion. We have found this lubricant to be superior to Teflon™ based lubricants in skate environments. Speed Cream R.F. makes your bearings faster and is very long lasting. Contents Bottle of Speed Cream and instructions
$10.00 $19.99 50% Off
Bones® REDS® are manufactured in China to our Bones Skate Rated™ specifications in a manufacturing facility dedicated to producing the highest quality skate bearings in China. They are inspected twice before being shipped to skaters and offer the greatest combination of performance, durability and low cost in the industry. Because they offer near Bones Swiss performance at a fraction of the cost, they have become the best selling bearings. Features Single, non-contact, removable rubber shield for easy cleaning and less friction High speed Nylon™ ball retainer for greater strength and speed Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream™ racing lubricant Skate Rated™ clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant provide the best performance and durability possible Contents Instructions Sticker
$17.50 - $35.00 $35.00 Up to 50% Off
The Sector 9 Nineballs 64mm are the perfect multipurpose wheels you have been waiting for. Perfect for any type of riding so you can throw these bad boys on any setup you may have. Sector 9 Nineballs 64mm wheels feature a center set hub to give you the perfect amount of grip and slip. Slap them on your double kick for shredding the city, or throw in on your downhill/freeride board for maximum drifting.
Our Cosmic Bearings provide the perfect combination of speed and maximum viscosity making it a great all around bearing. Rubber coated steel shields remove easily for cleaning and maintenance. Ride hard and enjoy. Contains 8 Bearings & 4 Spacers.
ABOUT THE WHEEL 70mm Butterballs are the original Sector9 Shredthane wheel. A center-set supportive Cosmic Core helps you in rotating the wheels to keep them wearing evenly as you shred them into oblivion and leave thane trails all over your favorite hill. This clear colour version, features a great look and a softer durometer. The 75a urethane mix will provide you with the smoothest sliding ever. ABOUT THE CORE Core technology has come along way and is one of the final frontiers for the progression of the modern skateboard wheel. Many avenues of wheel shape and urethane compounds have been hammered out but, the inner world of the core has been largely unexplored. We have finally stepped up with our own core design, and the list of positives is just the beginning: from increased roll speed, to better controlled slides. Welcome to the new COSMIC CORE! Styles + Slide session + Freeride FEATURES 70mm Diameter 75a Durometer Center Set Hub 38mm Contact Patch Shredthane Formula Stone Ground Cosmic Core Clear Color ABOUT THE URETHANE If the average rider really knew what our wheels went through to make it into our line-up, he might be confortable putting them on his car. On a serious note: these wheels are nitpicked through and through before even become prototypes. Then we dissect them, test them, rework them and test them again. This process often seems tedious, but it has proven successful time and time again. Whether it is our Race Formula, our Shredthane or our Nineballs, these wheels all stand up to the rigors of the road and perform for you when you need them most.
Sector 9 Top Shelf 9 Balls Purple Longboard Skateboard Wheels - 72mm 75a (Set of 4) Wheels are one of the most important parts of any longboard setup, they're the part of the board that (hopefully) makes contact with the ground and are essential to keeping you rolling. These Sector 9 wheels made from high quality materials and measure 72mm in diameter and 75a in hardness. If you're looking to cruise at top speeds with a totally smooth ride, Sector 9 Top Shelf 9 Balls Purple Longboard Skateboard Wheels - 75a are the move. Note: Bearings not included. Features: One (1) set of 72mm Sector 9 Top Shelf 9 Balls Purple Longboard Skateboard Wheels - 75a; includes four (4) wheels Diameter: 72mm Durometer: 75a Color: Purple
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