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Non-Adjustable Ski Poles

$17.99 - $18.00 $29.99 - $30.00 40% Off
Our Atomic AMT JR is an ideal pole for any serious young skier looking to get to the next step. It's made of high-grade lightweight aluminum. It also has our elastic kids strap, which is easier to put on – and easier to take off after a fall. Plus our special junior grip and junior round basket. TECH FEATURES - 3* Aluminum Pole Technology - Elastic Kids Strap - Ergonomic JR Grip (1K) - Standard Basket - Steel Tip
$23.97 $39.95 40% Off
The Electra Jr Pink Pole features a durable aluminum shaft that balances strength and weight for all-around skiing. Its juniors'-specific grip has a smaller circumference for a secure, comfortable feel.
$23.97 $39.95 40% Off
The Tactic Jr is a juniors' lightweight pole that offers a balance of strength and weight for all-mountain skiing. The durable aluminum shaft and juniors'-specific grip are designed with junior skiers in mind.
$23.99 - $39.99 $39.99 Up to 40% Off
Available in different color combinations, the Atomic AMT is a seriously hardy ski pole with a 60mm piste basket and our Ergonomic AMT Grips – designed for all-mountain skiing with special ridges for an improved grip. The pole itself is made from a lightweight aluminum alloy, keeping it looking great and performing perfectly year after year. TECH FEATURES - 3* Aluminum Pole Technology - Ergonomic AMT Grip (1K) - Essential Strap - Piste Basket (60mm) - Steel Tip - Ergonomic M-Fit
$23.99 - $39.99 $39.99 Up to 40% Off
Available in various colors, the Atomic Cloud ski pole is the entry model for female skiers with an eye for style. This lightweight aluminum pole combines the cool look of our Cloud skis with our Ergonomic AMT Grip designed for all-mountain skiing – with special ridges for an improved grip and a 60mm piste basket. TECH FEATURES - 3* Aluminum Pole Technology - Piste Basket (60mm) - Ergonomic AMT Grip (1K) - Essential Strap - Piste Basket (60mm) - Steel Tip - Ergonomic M-Fit
$23.99 $39.99 Up to 40% Off
Shaft: Aluminium Dural Shaft diameter: 18 Grip - Material: Mono Material Grip: R-Grip Strap: Regular Basket - Material: Mono Material Basket: Regular - 60 mm Tip: Steel
The Atomic AMT JR is an ideal pole for any serious young skier looking to take the next step. It’s made of high-grade lightweight aluminum, and features an easy-to-use, adjustable strap to comfortably fit any hand size – plus a special junior grip and junior round basket.
This value-packed, all-mountain pole features 6061 aluminum for lightweight durability along with an EVA Foam Grip and 80mm powder baskets for all-conditions versatility. FEATURES: 18mm SHAFT DIAMETER - Optimal shaft diameter to maintain strength without sacrificing weight. TPR ERGONOMIC GRIP - Thermoplastic Rubber to reduce shock and enhance grip. STEEL TIP - Reinforcement for durabiilty on variety of surfaces. 80mm AR POWDER BASKET - Big Baskets for those big snow days. 6061 ALUMINUM SHAFT - Strong with the ability to flex under impact.
$59.99 $99.99 40% Off
This elite-level World Cup GS and Super G race pole keeps you moving at top speed with an aerodynamic triangular shaft that slices through the air. The ergonomic World Cup grip offers a secure, comfortable hold, while the carbide tip maintains a powerful bite. Lightweight Strength Aluminum Zicral shaft construction offers a great balance of lightness, durability, and strength Engineered for Racing Triangular shaft offers enhanced aerodynamics and strength for competitive racing - Grip: Bi-Material Hero grip - Strap Type: Hero Velcro - Basket: Mono material world-cup type, 54mm - Tip: Carbide
$79.95 - $79.99
From the backcountry to the resort, the Freeride Pro is a go-anywhere, do-it-all ski pole. Crafted with a durable, lightweight aluminum shaft, it features an extended touring grip for varied grip options when climbing and skiing. Rotating powder baskets help you adjust to uneven terrain, while quick-release safety straps let the pole drop away in the event of a fall or avalanche. Strong and Lightweight Aluminum dural shaft is light and durable Multi-Grip Options Extended foam grip offers multiple grip options to reduce hand fatigue and accommodate changes in terrain Quick-Release Straps Safety grip quickly disengages the pole strap from the grip in the event of a fall or avalanche involvement Technologies: ALUMINIUM DURAL - Aluminium DURAL shaft construction offers increased durability and strength. ROTATING BASKET - Designed for enhanced free-touring performance, our ROTATIONAL BASKET offers 32° rotation for excellent adaptability and support when moving on uneven terrain and side-hill traverses. SAFETY GRIP - In the event of a fall, avalanche, or other on-hill emergency, SAFETY GRIP allows you to quickly and easily disengage the pole straps from the grip, reducing the chance of personal injury as well as damage to the pole - Weight: 280g (125cm) Shaft - Material: Aluminium Dural - Diameter (mm): 18 Grip - Material: Bi Material - Type: Safety Grip - Thermo sleeve: Yes Strap - Type: Active Basket - Material: Bi-Material - Type: Free Rotationnal: 85mm Tip - Material: Steel
When every second counts, this is the pole you want in your hand. The Rossignol Hero Carbon is an elite-level race pole with a 40% carbon shaft for lightweight, durable performance. An ergonomic World Cup grip keeps the pole secure in your hands, so you can focus on the course. Improved Swing Weight 40% carbon conical shaft offers rigidity and lightened swing weight Secure, Comfortable Grip Bi-injected components help absorb vibration transmitted up the pole for a more secure grip and all-day comfort CARBON TUBE Carbon shaft offers is extremely strong, rigid, and provides a lightened swing weight. - Weight: 260g (125cm) Shaft - Material: 40% Carbon - Diameter (mm): 12.7 Grip - Material: Bi Material - Type: Hero Strap - Type: Hero Velcro Basket - Material: Bi Material - Type: Race: 54mm Tip - Material: Carbide
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