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Spring Sale! Huge Discounts!



Spoke-N-Sport Bike Sioux Falls Sale… Continues for two more days!

May 20 & 21st

If you missed the Spring Sale, not to worry, because our spring sale continues for two more days! We want to get more riders on new bikes. Don’t wait, get to Spoke-N-Sport for a great deal on a new bike and 20% off bike accessories. If you’ve been on the fence, make a decision and commit to a new bike for 2024!

The Bikes!!!


Here’s our Recommended Bikes for Spring & Summer 2024!

Momentum E-Bikes Define Value

They're safe, comfortable, fast, and safe e-bikes that provide just enough electric assist to climb the hill.

Momentum Voya E+ 3

E-Bike Exploration

Momentum Voya E+ 3

Powerful, lightning fast and designed for city life, at just 39.7lbs the Voya E+ is our lightest ever commuter e bike. It might look like a regular bike, but it's anything but. With a slim, integrated battery and small but mighty 3.7lbs hub motor, the Voya E+ will take your commute to the next level. Its intuitive one-button controller on the top tube makes selecting assist mode, changing modes and checking your battery totally hassle-free.

Spoke-N-Sport Sale Price

$1089.99  $899.99


Gazelle e-bikes are fast, nimble, and agile... just like the animal. Get to the places you need to be with style!


Gazelle Medeo T9 High Step


Medeo T9 City

The Gazelle Medeo T9 City is our active electric bike that takes you everywhere. Spec'ed with the reliable and quiet Bosch Active Line motor and 9-speed external derailleur, every hill will feel as flat as Holland. Front and rear lights will help you see and be seen, by drivers, walkers, and other cyclists.

Spoke-N-Sport Sale Price

$2079.99  $1799.99

Gazelle Arroyo C8 HMB

City Riding

Arroyo C8

The Gazelle Arroyo C8 HMB Elite offers a joyful introduction to the best of both bike worlds: an easy, elegant Dutch-style bike and a masterfully designed machine that beautifully integrates with Bosch e-bike technology. The low step height will make this bike easy to ride anywhere.

Spoke-N-Sport Sale Price

$4079.99  Contact Us to Order

City Trekking

Ultimate C380

The Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB skillfully combines a sporty urban bike and a comfortable touring bike into one versatile and delightful package. The beautifully shaped aluminum frame, with graceful lines and integrated battery, ensures stable handling at any speed on any paved trail.

Spoke-N-Sport Sale Price

$5079.99  Contact Us to Order

Felt Bike Logo

Felt Bikes have two speeds: fast and faster! 

These gravel-ready road bikes will take you to new places or take your regular ride and amplify it to next level.


Felt VR60 Bike

Fast Pavement

Felt VR60

Small price, big performance. Felt’s most advanced aluminum endurance frame paired with a lightweight carbon fork. The VR60 is built with a stout and durable collection of high-value components.

Spoke-N-Sport Sale Price

$1379.99  $899.99

Felt Broam 60 Bike

Adventure Gravel

Felt BROAM 60

The horizons open ahead of you when you choose the BROAM 60. With a capable frameset and components designed for function and durability, this bike is your ticket to freedom and adventure.

Spoke-N-Sport Sale Price

$1379.99  $899.99

Felt Broam 30 Bike

Fast Gravel

Felt BROAM 30

The BROAM is able to go the distance with bikepacking or long overland rides. Comfortable on paved and gravel roads, the BROAM offers an exciting mix for all levels of riders.

Spoke-N-Sport Sale Price

$2379.99  $1499.99

Salsa Cycles Logo 2023   

Everything you need and nothing you don't... a price that won't break the bank. Salsa Cycles created the Adventure by Bike motto, so they know what makes a great gravel bike!


Salsa Journeyer Advent 650 Bike

Rough Stuff Touring

Salsa Journeyer Advent 650b 

Get the Salsa Journeyer Advent for the reliable 1x drivetrain for real rough stuff adventures. Going to a 1x chainring drivetrain gives you a strong yet durable drivetrain that is better designed for rough stuff rides. Combine any and all types of "roads" for memorable rides. 

Spoke-N-Sport Sale Price

$1079.99  $799.99

Salsa Journeyer

Versatility Defined

Salsa Journeyer Sora 650b

You like value. Right? You want one bike that will do it all. Of course! Get the Salsa Journeyer Sora for the versatile 2x chainring for fast pavement rides, fast gravel rides, and fast loops on the Sioux Falls bike trail. Go fast with the big 'ring and climb hills with the small 'ring.

Spoke-N-Sport Sale Price

$1379.99  $979.99

Salsa Warbird Carbon GRX

Gravel Wrangling

Salsa Warbird GRX 1x

Warbird is Salsa's gravel race bike, built on years of experience racing in some of the nation's premier gravel events. Its carbon fiber frameset, our carefully-honed gravel race geometry, and plentiful mounts for water, tools, and accessories make Warbird a top contender in the gravel bike world.

Spoke-N-Sport Sale Price

$2879.99  $2349.99

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Where do you want to ride?

Recreation opportunities are where living in the Midwest has its perks - in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area we are home to a variety of riding types for new and experienced cyclists.

  • Paved Bike Trail

  • Singletrack MTB

  • Gravel Roads

  • Commuting

  • Neighborhood Rides with Family

Depending on your goals and how you want to ride your bike can influence what bike you get


Bike Path



Sioux Falls has Miles & Miles of Roads, Paths, and Trails

Use this Trailforks map to pan and zoom around Sioux Falls' bike trails. Explore Leaders and Tuthill for dirt singletrack, find the main paved bike trail offshots, and explore county roads for fast pavement riding.

Be prepared for whatever happens while out riding.

Riding off into the sunset doesn't just happen. Be prepared for a big ride with bike helmet, a bike repair kit, lights, and bags. Get these accessories to prepare for any situation.

Bike Helmets

Protect your head! Ride within your skills. Wear a helmet.