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Spoke-N-Sport Retul Mountain Bike Fit

Spoke-N-Sport Retul Mountain Bike Fit
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A custom bike fitting is a comprehensive analysis of your position on your bike to determine what changes will allow you to ride faster, more efficiently and with less pain. During a bike fit, there are limitless changes we can make to adapt the bike to your body regardless of your injury. Changing the seat height and handlebar position are only a few of the many ways for getting you riding your bike more comfortably. Whether you have pain in your neck, hands, low back, or knees, a few expert positional changes go a long way.

Improve overall cycling comfort
Eliminate bike related pain in any body part
Improve cycling efficiency
Improve power
Improve cycling speed
Identify areas of inflexibility or weakness that limit cycling

Retül technology is the most advanced and precise bike fitting system on the market.  The system incorporates 3D motion capture technology, immediate report capability, and millimeter-specific accuracy to provide the industry's most effective dynamic fitting solution.

A rider's position is best measured during dynamic pedaling action.  Static measurements fail to give a qualified fitter complete data about how a rider's body reacts and interacts in biomechanical motion.  An observer watching a cyclist while pedaling cannot measure lateral, vertical, and horizontal movement simultaneously.  By collecting 3D, dynamic data, the Retül system eliminates the guesswork and assumptive nature of fitting, providing the fitter with the information to make the most qualified fitting decisions.  The result is that the rider will have a true fit to his or her bike, maximizing efficiency and performance while avoiding discomfort or injury.

How does Retül 3D fitting differ from other fitting?

Retül does not replace qualified bike fitters.  Retül allows the fitter to see data that he or she could not see with a standard fitting system, giving the fitter necessary information to best serve the clientn and provide the most accurate fit information possible.  The fitter still has to understand the core aspects of biomechanics and cycling truly maximize the capabilities of Retül.  However, the data from the Retül system:

  • Provides measurement accuracy and repeatability, rather than using measurements subject to inaccuracy and human error.
  • Views the rider in three dimensions rather than two, giving the fitter a broader snapshot of the rider's biomechanics on the bike.
  • Allows the fitter to analyze a data set of averaged pedal strokes from the rider, rather than relying on a single frame of video.
  • Calculates data reports within a matter of seconds, eliminating manual post-processing and saving time on the overall fit.
  • Archives data reports for easy reference, eliminating the need for paper files.

The fitting takes about 2 hours from the time we get you into the store till you get off your bike with your new fit.  Because of the amount of time involved we do request that you schedule an appointment.  Our availability is really good and we can even work outside of our store hours.  Please visit the link below and we will be in touch with you shortly. 


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