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Riding after Dark

The days are getting shorter day by day.  Leaves are starting to change color. Autumn bike riding in the Midwest has cool mornings and evenings with warm days. Some say it's the perfect time of year to ride. Riding after dark requires lights front and rear for safe bike rides on the trail, path, and road. Spoke-N-Sport has front lights, rear lights, and combination light kits to get you riding safely to see and to be seen by cars, other bikers, and walkers.

Bike Lights

Front lights and rear lights are recommend for riding after dark. In addition, biking during dusk and dawn also needs lights to safely ride when low light situations occur between the shadows.

 Light & Motion Vis 180

Light & Motion Vis 700

Product Specifications

Front Lights

Front lights (head light) use a bright white beam to see the trail or road. Singletrack, gravel, and road riders should use a bright round beam to "see" any obstacles on the road.

Commuters and urban riders may not need a bright front light, a simple white front light allows other motorists, bikers, and walkers to see you as you ride with street lights and additional urban lighting. 

However, a brighter front light can be used to be seen and to see the trail. Investing more in a bright front light will help you ride safely in both situations. The general recommendation is to get the brightest front like that you can afford, then adjust the brightness as needed for urban or trail riding.

Light & Motion Vis 180

Light & Motion Vis 180 Pro

Product Specifications

Rear Lights

All riders should use a red rear light (tail light) for bike riding after dark or at dawn/dusk. Brighter rear lights should be used for singletrack, gravel, or road riding.

Commuters and urban riders can use a simple red rear light to be seen by other motorists, bikers, and walkers as you ride with street lights.

When you're done riding, remove the rear light, charge via a USB cable and charger, then re-install before your next ride.

Shop Online or In-store!

Spoke-N-Sport has all the bike lights you need to ride safely after dark. All stores have bright front lights, urban commuting light sets, or bright tail lights for trail riding. 

Do you have questions? If so, stop in and ask the experts. We're ready to get you riding!

Shop our web catalog, order online, and pick-up at our Minnesota Ave, Tuthill, and Brookings locations.

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